Radial Duct/Accessories

Wall Roof Ceiling Fixed Metal Flat Grille
Model: SW-FLG (Flat Metal Fixed Grille) Supply and Exhaust for residential ventilation, air conditioning and air heating systems and industrial. External or Internal mounting Can be used as an outside air brick FlyScreen attached Fixed with screws (not included)   SW-FLG1212 - (125x125mm) SW-FLG1515 - (150x150mm) SW-FLG2020 - (200x200mm) SW-FLG2525 - (250x250mm) SW-FLG3030 - (300x300mm)   Available in White (WH), Steel (ST), Brown (B)
75mm Radial Duct Bends Connectors Insulated Wrap
50M Roll Semi Rigid Radial Ducting 75mm diameter 50M roll complete with anti bacterial coating Double 75mm Plenum 125mm Duct Connector Radial fan plenum complete with 2x75mm radial ducting connections and 1x125mm connection 75mm Ducting Clamp With Screw Fixing Hole 75mm clamp used for 75mm radial ducting 5.0 size size fixing screws not supplied 75mm Radial Ducting Connector 75mm diameter radial ducting connector with locking clips & complete with two sealing rings 75mm Fire Wrap For Radial Ducting 75mm radial fire wrap 250mm in lenght fire rated for 2 hours...
Access Hatch Door Inspection Door Revision Service Point
Model: SW-AD (Door Hatch) For access to fans, pipes or any items that require to be hidden. Designed for wall or ceiling mounting. Open and close by press. The possibility of universal installation for the left or right-side opening. Can be used in high-humidity. Made of high-quality ABS-plastic.   SW-AD151 - 168 x 168mm (Door Dimensions 146 x 146) SW-AD2020 - 218 x 218mm (Door Dimensions 196 x 196) SW-AD3030 - 318 x 318mm (Door Dimensions 296 x 296) SW-AD3535 - 368 x 368mm (Door Dimensions 346 x 346)  ...
Swiftair 4 Way Ceiling Diffuser Aluminium Grille Square 150mm 225mm 300mm 450mm
Swiftair 4 way ceiling diffuser are constructed from aluminium, they will not rust or corrode. The diffuser is used for the supply and exhaust of cooled or heated air imn facilities such as offices, shopping centres and conference rooms. The diffuser can be mounted in the ceiling and has a fixed 4-way horizontal air pattern. Diffusers with opposed blade damper to control air flow are also available.   150X150 (FACE SIZE: 295X295) 225X225 (FACE SIZE: 370X370) 300X300 ( FACE SIZE: 445X445) 450X450 (FACE SIZE: 595X595)