Air Grille Cover Gravity Flap Shutter
Gravity Grille for our plate fans 200mm to 400mm Application Exhaust ventilation, heating and air conditioning networks in industrial, commercial and domestic premises.
STUBE Inline Duct Centrifugal Fan upto 1500m3/h
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £49.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £49.99
4” 100mm, 5” 125mm 6” 150mm 8" 200mm, 10" 250mm & 12" 315mm   STUBE fans are applied for supply and exhaust ventilation systems of commercial, office and other premises.   Compatible with Ø 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 315mm round air ducts.These fans have a metal casing, Because of the casing they are the perfect solution for the installation in exhaust ventilation systems in humid premises such as bathrooms, kitchens etc.   The impeller with backward curved blades is powered by a single-phase asynchronous AC motor with external rotor...
Warehouse Kitchen Cooker Extract Plate Fan
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ApplicationsCombined supply and exhaust ventilation systems for various premises where high air capacity at relatively low system resistance is required. SFP fans can be used for the direct air exhaust or pressurization in smoke ventilation systems. Productive capacity - Pressure - Sound level (3m) SFP200  -  890m3/h - 110Pa - 50dB SFP250 - 1100m3/h - 110Pa - 60dB SFP300 - 2300m3/h - 110Pa - 61dB SFP350 - 2600m3/h - 110Pa - 62dB SFP400 - 3830m3/h - 110Pa - 63dB SFP450 - 4800m3/h - 110Pa - 64dB   Input curren (A) SFP200 - 0.25 SFP250 - 0.36 SFP300 - 0.66 SFP350 - 0.61...
Manrose 9" 230mm XFS230A Industrial Commercial Wall Extractor Fan With Shutter
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Translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price £130.00
These can be ordred when out of stock (there may be a delay of upto 7 days depending on delivery times from Manrose) - With a unique, slimline profile of only 62mm the XFS230 range will blend unobtrusively into any surrounding decor.   Designed for wall or ceiling mounting, this series of fans and packs is ideally suited to use in kitchens, utility rooms, pubs, hotels, restaurants, offices, shops and factories.   There are three models in the range: the basic model with fixed louvres, the manual with internal pullcord...
Metal Padded Clamp for Wall/Ceiling Mounting
Comes in 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"  Equipped with a rubber guarding gasket and a universal screw-nut (M10 to M8). Designed for wall or ceiling mounting of the ducts of the corresponding diameter.
STUBE Plastic Inline Duct Centrifugal Fan
Designed for inline mounting into any point of the ventilation system and at any angle. For supply and exhaust ventilation, The fan casing is made of high quality durable plastic. Single-phase ball bearing motor equipped with a centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades. It is implemented with overheat protection with automatic restart. Wall and ceiling mounting is carried out using the bracket Can be speed controlled using a thyristor or transformer speed regulator. IP44 Sizes/Types 100mm (4") - STUBE100P 125mm (5") - STUBE100P 150mm (6") - STUBE100P 200mm (8") -...
Duct Anti Vabrite Connector
CONAVM flexible insert is designed to eliminate vibrations in ventilation systems that occur during the operation of air handling units and other devices connected to air ducts and fittings. CONAVM is made of galvanized steel and polymer fabric, it is operated at temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees.
Duct Inline Manual Shut off Valve/Damper
Manufactured from galvanized steel.  Used to control the flow rate of systems with a working pressure not exceeding 1500 Pa. The Handle is used as an actuating device (manual control).
Metal Cowl/Chimney Hood
Manufactured from galvanized steel.  Please adhere to building regulations or consult a qualified professional for suitability and specific installation guidance. 
Industrial Commercial Roof Ventilator Heavy Duty Extractor Fan Cowl
ABS plastic ball bearings IPX4 maximum operating temperature 40°C 1 years warranty SD-series roof fans are designed for ventilating utility buildings, as well as warehouses with a low level of air pollution. Fans designed for vertical operation are adapted for installation on roofs with a maximum pitch of 15°. They have a much-higher compression than traditional fans, so they can work with central exhaust-ventilation systems. Thanks to the use of 3-speed motors, it is possible to adjust the fan’s parameters to the user’s needs, depending on the connection method.