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XFLO Inline Duct Extractor Bathroom Fan 4" 5" 6" 8" upto 820m3/h
Timer Models Available please select above run on timer (Adjustable 1-15min)Standard Model comes with plug however if not needed please remove.XFLO fans are applied for supply and exhaust ventilation systems of commercial, office and other premises. Compatible with Ø 100, 125, 150, & 200mm round air ducts.Due to the corrosion-resistant durable plastic casing, these models are the perfect solution for the installation in exhaust ventilation systems in humid premises such as bathrooms, kitchens etc.A dynamic balanced impellerOverheating protectionMotor protection rating IP X41 Year WarrantyInstallation to the wall or ceiling can be...
4" 5" 6" 8" 10" 12" Flexible Acoustic Insulated Ducting 5m/10m
Insulated ducting is very good and reducing noise level and also keeps condensation down Insulated ducting will keep the heat in the duct without it all escaping into the loft etc 1st Layer - Alu Ducting 2nd Layer - Insulation 3rd Layer - Alu Coat Insulated ducting has acoustic properties but if you want silent ducting please see Phonetic duct
Round Plastic PVC Solid Ducting (White)
Plastic Solid Ducting is strong, robust and easy to cutThis makes it a great solution for ventilation system'sThe smooth surface of the ducting makes it a better option than flexible duct, as it causes less airflow resistance. Having a less dramatic effect on your fans performance. Available in 100mm, 125mm, & 150mm Diameters.Plastic solid ducting is available in precut lengths of: 350mm, 500mm, 1m, 1.5m & 2m.
Internal Grille Round Chrome or White 4" 5" 6"
A very popular Chrome or White grille.  Chromed / White plastic but still looks really good.  Perfect for modern homes.  Easy clean  Easy to fit  Remove the front of the grille to show four fixing holes. Simply cut a hole in your ceiling and push the grille through. You will need four screws to fix (not provided). Connect 4" duct to the back of the grill and use clips or tape to secure. Available in 4" 5" 6" please see drop down menu or our shop   If you have...
Back Draught Shutter Duct Connector 4", 5" 6"
Please see our shop for more products! Please select size from drop down menu Male spigots In-line gravity operated back draught shutter. Will stop backdraught when a fan is switched off. Made from tough, white GRP plastic. Will fit standard size 4" 100mm, 5" 125mm and 6" 150mm dia ducting. Can be mounted horizontally & vertically. Please make sure you fan is powerful enough for this Back draught shutter pressure drop 15 PA
Manrose back draft shutter 1230 1231 1232
(Please note that 4" 100mm shutters have 1 spring and not 2. This is correct as 2 springs would offer too much resistance)   Fit the shutter with the centre spindle of the flaps in a vertical position and make sure ducting is level   Please note that we some time tape the spring to the item so it doesn’t fall out. You can leave the tape on or remove
Duct Jubilee Fast Clamp 2" to 12"
To Options available please select from drop down menu 60mm - 160mm (3" to 6"") 60mm - 325mm (3" to 12") Duct worm drive clips have been specifically designed for fixing flexible ducting to solid ducting, extractor fan spigots, duct fittings and air terminal devices. The unique one-piece locking mechanism with tilting head provides very fast clamping by hand - only final tightening by screw or hex head driver is necessary to complete a perfectly airtight joint. Please select your size from the drop down menu above.
Solid Flexible Ducting Extractor Fan Reducer
Please choose from drop down menu Please note: Duct = same size as ducting you will need a connector to join the 2 parts togetherMale = Fits into our ducting Option 1: 5" 125mm Duct to 4" 100mm Male Option 2: 6" 150mm Duct to 5" 125mm Male Option 3: 6" 150mm Duct to 4" 100mm Male Option 4: 8" 200mm Duct to 6" 150mm Male Option 5: 4" 100mm Duct to 3" 80mm Male Option 6: 4.33" 110mm – to 4" 100mm MalePlease Note 110mm side is ID-110 and OD-114 Option 7: diameters: 80 (3") -100...
Ducting 90 Degree Elbow Joint Bend 4" 5" 6"
Please see our shop for more products! Plastic 90 Degree Ducting Elbow Bend 4", 5" or 6" please select from the drop down menu Small end fitting, designer to fit inside our plastic solid and flexible ducting. Plastic ducting bends are manufactured from flame retardant polymer. Lightweight with simple to fit connections
Air Vent Diffuser Ceiling Grill Outet Inlet 4" 5" 6" 8"
Please see our shop for more products! Our Standard Grille for Ducted Air Systems Simply cut a hole in your ceiling, clip in and mount. Brilliant white high gloss finish (not a yellow off-white). Will blend into any white ceiling. Fits standard duct sizes of 4, 5, 6 or 8" dia. Adjustable -centre core is mounted on a spindle, an absolute must for whole house ventilation or heat recovery systems. Simply screw up/down the centre cone for adjusting your airflow and balancing your system. Can be used for extract and...
Flexible PVC Ducting 4" 5" 6" 1m, 3m, 6m, 10m, 15m & 45m
Please select the length and size required above PVC ducting is manufactured with a light wire spiral reinforcement inside white PVC tape and is suitable for domestic applications including: cooker hoods, tumble dryers and bathroom fans, These hoses have a maximum working temperature of 70 degree C
12v 24v DC boat caravan fan with LED light
Source: DC Power  Battery Mounting : Wall, Roof, Ceiling DC current only Style: Round Application: Marine, Car, Camper/Caravan/Motorhome Back order is available but can take upto 30days - PLease contact us for a rough delivery date if ordering when out of stock.  PLease select which item you require from drop down menu  Mushroom Only Bottom  Dimension:150mm -  Height Dimension: Adjustable from 90mm to 120mm - Opening Dimension: 100mm spigot  - Top Dimension: 140mm DC Fan A compact combined extractor fan with an integral halogen light. Designed for installation in galleys, showers...
4" 5" 6" Fixed Wall Ceiling Grille
Fixed Louvred GrillePlease select which size and colour your require aboveThis Is A Fixed Blade Plastic Outlet Grille It is ideal for the termination of ducts.  IF YOU HAVE 4" DUCTING PLEASE SELECT 4" GRILLEIF YOU HAVE 5" DUCTING PLEASE SELECT 5" GRILLEIF YOU HAVE 6" DUCTING PLEASE SELECT 6" GRILLE
Cowl Grill Wall Mounted Outlet + Shutter
Cowled Wall Outlet GrillePlease select which size your require aboveThis is a Cowled Plastic outlet grille complete with a none return damperIt is ideal for the termination of ducts and has a cowl over the outlet to stop any vibration or rattling in the wind of the none return shutter.IF YOU HAVE 4" DUCTING PLEASE SELECT 4" COWLIF YOU HAVE 5" DUCTING PLEASE SELECT 5" COWL IF YOU HAVE 6" DUCTING PLEASE SELECT 6" COWL
Ducting Connector 4" 5" 6"
Please select which size you need above4" 100mm - Male5" 125mm - Male6" 150mm - MaleSmall end fitting, designer to fit inside our plastic solid and flexible ducting.Plastic ducting couplers are manufactured from flame retardant polymer. Lightweight with simple to fit connections for best results please use Alu or Duct tape to fix to ducting
Aluminium Semi Rigid Flexible Duct 4" 5" 6"
Semi Rigid Ducting is designed specifically for Kitchens, Bathrooms & Hydroponic systems   Comes in 4" 5" or 6"   Length Available - 380mm, 1.5m & 3m (Approximation when stretched out) (Please note: This is when full stretched out bends etc will make it shorter)   Durable light and rigid when put in place   Will not set on fire under extreme temperatures Suitable for commercial and industrial low, medium and high-pressure heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.   See drop-down menu for all sizes and corresponding prices.   PLEASE NOTE:...
Manrose ID Inline Fan Standard or Timer Model
These can be ordred when out of stock (there may be a delay of upto 7 days depending on delivery times from Manrose) - ID100/120/150S - Standard model for remote switching with bracketID100/120/150T - Timer model incorporating integral adjustable electronic timer (1-20 mins)PerformanceID100 up to 85m3/hr, 23 litres per secondID120 up to 130m3/hr, 36 litres per secondID150 up to 230m3/hr, 64 litres per second Performance may vary depending on the length of ducting usedAdditional Data100mm (4") RangeMaximum pressure: 20 p.a.Fan speed: 2400 r.p.m.Sound volume: 41.0 dB(A)120mm (5") RangeMaximum pressure: 35...
Shower Bathroom Fan Light Grille LED 4" 5" 6" 100mm 125mm 150mm
Grille and light chromed grille (optional white bezel included) with a built in LED Light PLease note: replacement parts will only fit this model of light, PLease check with us if you are unsure.  Fitting Remove the Chrome/White part of the grille to show four fixing holes. Cut a hole in your ceiling and push the grille through. Connect duct to the back of the grill. Twist fit your Chrome/White bezel Must Use a qualified electrician to wire to transformer/driver (provided).   Where to fit? Grille/light can be mounted within...
Duct Y Piece Splitter 4" 5" 6"
Please choose the size required from drop down menu Y Ducting Splitters are designed to split Solid Plastic Ducting or Flexible Ducting. Use either Clamps, or Tape to ensure an air tight fit. Please see other shop for more sizes Made from Plastic
4" High Rise Vent Ducting External Grille (Highrise)
Choose the color you need from the options above. This ducting kit is available in 6 colors: White, Brown, Beige, Black, Grey, and Terracotta. The High Rise Venting kit is perfect if you don't have access to high ladders, as it can be installed indoors. To do so, follow these steps: 1. Cut a hole in the wall of the desired size; 2. Clear the hole of any contents; 3. Push the venting kit into the wall (starting with the cowl); 4. Connect the ducting or fan to the inside...
Manrose MF Standard Timer Extractor Fan
These can be ordred when out of stock (there may be a delay of upto 7 days depending on delivery times from Manrose)   Brand: Manrose Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom Electrical: 220v-240v 50Hz Features: On/Off, Overrun Timer Models: MF100S, MF100T, MF125S, MF125T, MF150S, MF150T Finish: Black Sub-Type: Bathroom Fan Power Source: Electric Types: MF___S (Standard Model) or MF___T (Timer Model) Switch Type: Timer These powerful in-duct mounted mixed flow fans have been designed to produce higher working pressures for applications that require high air flows, with low relative noise....
Ducting 45 Degree Elbow Joint Bend 4" 5" 6"